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Found on the Web: Stylish & fun boys clothes sewing tutorials

In addition to being a wife and the owner of Murray the Monster I am also a new mom to a 20 month old little boy. For months I’ve been searching in my local sewing store for cute, stylish patterns I could sew for my little guy. And while you can find tons of patterns and tutorials for little girls, the selection for boys is depressingly sparse.

Luckily there are allot of creative Moms out there, just check out what I found on the Web!

This is an absolutely timeless hat that reminds me of a by gone era. Imagine how dapper your little man would look in this creation during the holidays. The designer of the pattern states that it is appropriate for a 4-6 year old, but I plan on trying to resize it for my son.  And to be completely economical, I’ll be re purposing an old pair of wool pants as the fabric. Click HERE to view the complete tutorial.

Another great idea, why not  make toddler pants out of old tee shirts. I’m always looking for really comfy clothes for my son to play in so this is a great project! To view this tutorial just click HERE.

Still not feeling inspired? Well why not try making a pair of shorts for your little guy.

This highly detailed  tutorial shows how to make boys shorts from mens’ dress

shirts . To view it just click HERE.


The Best iPod Apps for Sewers

Last Month my DH surprised me with an iTouch as an early anniversary gift,  every since then I’ve been spending more time than I care to admit on iTunes searching for new apps. Well, I recently I stumbled upon some really cool iPod apps for Sewers. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. FABRIC STASH: I’ve been sewing for years and have a pretty large fabric stash. My biggest challenge has been categorizing the fabric, cords, bullions and fringes that I have for my personal use. With Fabric Stash, I’m now able to do a better job of organizing my fabric and trims. I just take a picture of the item and upload the picture to my iTouch. Since each item can have 2 pictures I’m now taking pictures of the end-of-the-bolt prior to purchasing a new fabric (so I’m able to save the manufacturers care instructions along with the fabric pic). All and all this app is Awesome!
  2. UNITS: I’ve had this app for a while and use it frequently. It converts all type of measurements: length, temperature, weight.
  3. YARDAGE CALC: this app helps you estimate the yardage of fabric needed for your projects and it converts metric to yards.
  4. PATTERN PAL: I can enter every pattern in my stash- fabric yardage needed, notions, etc.  Now this information is easily retrievable when I visit my local fabric store.

Admittedly it will take me a while to input all of my fabric and patterns into my iTouch, but these apps have already saved me allot of time and money. Last week while on an impromptu shopping trip I found  an exquisite sewing trim and was able to purchase just the right amount that I will need to make my draperies!

I probably won’t be buying anymore sewing apps but you can check out this  post on BurdaStyle for even more great Apps

Just Arrived: Gorgeous Wrights Tassel Fringes

We’ve just added some spectacular high-end tassel fringes

Wrights 3.5" Rouched Tassel fringe

Wrights 3.5" Rouched Tassel fringe

A gorgeous heavy weight tassel fringe is 3.5″ wide and features a intricate Rouched head. It is luxurious and silky to the touch. Perfect for adding a designer-look to valances,footstools, pillows and so much more…

Available in Rust and Slate,Tan & Ivory

Wrights slate, tan & ivory rouched tassel fringe trim

Huge discounts on Conso’s Veranda Collection Trims

Found on the Web: How to Sew an Easy Table Runner

I’m always looking for new ways to use up my fabric stash. So I was pretty psyched last week when I found these easy directions on how to Sew a Table Runner. Now in theory something as simple has a table runner should not be all that difficult to make, but it’s always nice to have step-by-step directions.  I’m planning on using this runner for my dinning room table, so I’ll be using some high-end fabrics and trims.

Based on the directions, I don’t think it will take more that an hour to make! Enjoy


A gorgeous Red & Gold Velvet

Gold & Red fabric

A Luxurious Red Velvet Fabric

And Three Different Sewing trims

Conso's Hand-Tied Tassel Fringe

Conso's Hand-Tied Tassel Fringe

Conso GOLD French Scroll Gimp Trim

Conso GOLD French Scroll Gimp Trim

Golden Bocca Cord

Golden Bocca Cord

How to Care for Fabric Trim

We’ve all been there. You’re starting a new sewing project, and have gathered all of your supplies: fabric, trims,etc. And

How to Care for conso trims

How to Care for conso trims

as any good sewer knows you have to pre-treat  your fabrics prior to using. So you pre-shrink your beautiful cotton fabric, but how ( and should) you also pre-shrink your fabric trim? And once you’ve completed your project what can you do to ensure that your beautiful Conso or Wrights trim is as lovely today as it was the day you purchased it?

At Murray the Monster, we get asked this question all the time.  And while the general rule-of-thumb is that you should pre-treat your fabrics & notions in the same way in which you plan on laundering the completed project, It is always best to follow the manufacturers care instructions. Want to know more? Check out this article on How to Care for Your Fabric Trims.