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Found on the Web: Stylish & fun boys clothes sewing tutorials

In addition to being a wife and the owner of Murray the Monster I am also a new mom to a 20 month old little boy. For months I’ve been searching in my local sewing store for cute, stylish patterns I could sew for my little guy. And while you can find tons of patterns and tutorials for little girls, the selection for boys is depressingly sparse.

Luckily there are allot of creative Moms out there, just check out what I found on the Web!

This is an absolutely timeless hat that reminds me of a by gone era. Imagine how dapper your little man would look in this creation during the holidays. The designer of the pattern states that it is appropriate for a 4-6 year old, but I plan on trying to resize it for my son.  And to be completely economical, I’ll be re purposing an old pair of wool pants as the fabric. Click HERE to view the complete tutorial.

Another great idea, why not  make toddler pants out of old tee shirts. I’m always looking for really comfy clothes for my son to play in so this is a great project! To view this tutorial just click HERE.

Still not feeling inspired? Well why not try making a pair of shorts for your little guy.

This highly detailed  tutorial shows how to make boys shorts from mens’ dress

shirts . To view it just click HERE.


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