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Conso trims: Gorgeous new arrivals to our store!

The holidays are almost here. And we have stocked our store with a wide assortment of luxurious Conso sewing trims that would be perfect for your home decorating projects. This is the perfect time to transform your home interior with new draperies, throw pillows and table runners.   Murray the Monster store carries large variety of brand name sewing trims at discount prices. So if you’re looking to prepare your house for the holidays but you don’t want to spend a bundle visit us!

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll find on our site:

Coin Gold Brush Fringe


Creating gorgeous throw pillows doesn’t have to drain your wallet. Murray the Monster store sells this luxurious Conso fringe at just a fraction of its retail cost. And at 1.5 inches it would be the perfect embellishment to add just the right touch of drama to any home decorating project.

Conso Olive Brush Fringe

Conso Olive Brush Fringe

This lovely Olive Green Brush fringe from Conso Trim would be a perfect trim for everything from pillows and draperies to heirloom  clothing to handbags.

Christopher Lowell Flat Gold Carnation trim

Christopher Lowell Flat Gold Carnation trim

This dramatic flat trim from Wrights Christopher Lowell collection is the perfect decorative sewing trim for embellishing towels, foot stools and even table runners. The s flat carnation trim with muted gold colors, will enhance any home decorating project.  The manufactures suggested retail price is 11.99/yrd but Murray the Monster store sells this wrights fabric trim at just $34.00 for 6.5 yards.


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