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The Best Sewing & Quilting Books

Unless you plan on using your sewing machine only for occasional mending or simple sewing tasks, the best way to get inspired and make full use of this remarkable tool is to learn something new. Sewing home decor items, clothing or quilts can be very rewarding- not to mention it can save you tons of cash. But ensuring that your completed project has a professional look requires a little bit of know how and that’s where a good resource manual comes in.

Discount sewing trims at murraythemonsterstore.comBut with thousands of sewing books on store shelves today, how do you know which one to choose? Well we’ve done the  hard work for you. We’ve just added a new sewing books & sewing supplies section to our store. We’ve carefully handpicked the TOP sewing books available in the market today. So whether you’re just learning how to sew or if you’re a seasoned sewer looking to learn a new sewing technique you’ll find what you’re looking for at Murray the Monster


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