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Inspiration Friday: Great Uses For Fabric Fringe

Sometimes everyone needs a little inspiration, Am I right? Well yesterday I was in my sewing room checking out my personal stash of fabric trims (and as you can image- I do have quite the stash).  I stumbled across this gorgeous piece of tassel fringe that I’d purchased  years ago, on a whim at a close-out sale and still haven’t used.

At the time they only had a small amount of yardage so I figured I’d just save it until I found a potential project which would give me the inspiration to use it. Well I’ve been waiting  for that inspiration for over 2 years (ugggh).

So after I properly chastised myself for letting this great bit of fabric trim sit unused in by sewing room for so long, I began searching for the perfect sewing project which would showcase this trims beauty.

Are you like me? Do you have beautiful bits of fabric or trims sitting in your closet gathering dust?  Well take a look below for a really amazing way you can put it to use.

Make your own curtains or drapes

Heavier weight Tassel fringes are perfect for applying to upholstery fabrics for custom draperies and Swags.  To achieve this look, simply machine sew your tassel fringe 1″ from the edge of your finished project making sure to keep the sewing stitch very straight.

When selecting a fringe  for a home dec project be sure to choose a color that complements your fabric but still has enough contrast add a splash of drama to the finished project. In the image to the left note how the gold in the tassel picks up the gold in the fabric. One might think that there is too little contrast here, but by using a large heavy weight tassel fringe the designer was able to create a classic look.  And of course the overall effect is spectacular. We carry a similar Blue Tassel fringe in our store. Take a look.

Hint: You don’t have to be a master seamstress to get this custom look. You can also achieve this same feel by using ready made curtains. Yes this is cheating a bit, but I promise only you and I will know.


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