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Inspiration Friday: Beautiful Bedrooms

This week we’ll explore the possibilities of transforming your bedroom into a cozy retreat with the use of  luxurious home decor trims & fabrics.  You may remember that a few weeks ago I discussed the  importance of creating a sanctuary in your home.  At the time I pointed out how soft accents (like shower curtains, draperies etc) can easily transform any bathroom into a place where you can unwind at the end of the day.

And while we may want our bathroom to be the Canyon Ranch retreat let’s face it the bedroom is far more important.  It’s the safe haven where we rest, recoup and recharge.  Fabrics & trimmings play an important role in any bedroom ensemble.  They provide an element of comfort and elegance that softens hard edges and creates a feeling of coziness..

Layers are the key to making over a bedroom. Comforters, pillows, throws, draperies and other soft accents – all work together to bring luxury and comfort to your room.

I hope you enjoy this weeks “Inspiration Friday” post and that these peeks into professionally designed living spaces will inspire you to add a designer touch to your home as well!

{image Source}

Love the use of an extra large vintage mirror as a headboard! It serves to reflect the rooms light sources, gives the perception of a larger space and is an elegant statement piece in the room. Also note the use of fabric fringe to edge the bench.

{image Source}

{image Source}

An upholstered headboard can add yet another layer of fabric and color to your bedroom. I love how the headboard is created with the same fabric as the upholstered side chair. The addition of a silk dupioni coverlet completes the ensemble and creates a simple yet elegant look.

{image Source}

This room is one of my favorites, It’s a  welcoming space with cozy fabrics and elegant furnishings. Note how the headboard, draperies and the throw are all in the same color. Also the upholstered bench  matches the color of the walls. The overall effect, classic comfortable elegance! This is the type of room I could easily picture myself coming home to at the end of a long day.

{image Source}

{image Source}

Yes, I know this last image isn’t of a complete bedroom just an piece of accent furniture.  But this is the vanity of my dreams. This look was designed by Nancy Corzine for “Inspired Designs: A Showhouse Celebrating Extraordinary Women“. Her inspiration for this incredible boudoir, the great Grace Kelly.


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  1. Beautiful post. Love the vintage mirror used as a headboard in first image! Great idea! Plan to use that one.

    April 18, 2011 at 1:41 pm

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