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Inspiration Friday: TeePees & Playhouses for Kids

Inspire your child’s imagination with a whimsical indoor play tent. All kids love crawling into cozy little places to play & pretend; a teepee can provide a safe and fun indoor playspace where kids of all ages can play, dream and create. Teepees don’t require allot of space, an unused corner or spot in a child’s playroom can easily be transformed into a play fort.

On this weeks ” Inspiration Friday” post we’ll showcase a selection of cool indoor teepees & playhouses for kids. And if you’re feeling crafty, you’ll want to check out our comprehensive list of online tutorials ,patterns and sewing supplies so you can begin making your child their very own teepee!


Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Courtesy of Bohemian Treehouse

Courtesy of Muse of Mine

Courtesy of Rosenberry Rooms


Want to make your own teepee? Here’s what you’ll need.

There are tons of great tutorials online, this one is my absolute favorite: A Beautiful

Short on time & sewing skills, you can buy a fabulous ready made Teepee at these retailers.


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