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10 Tips for Sewing Fleece Fabric

How to sew with fleece fabric

How to sew with fleece fabric

Fleece is one of our favorite fabrics to sew with. Garments created using this soft, comfy fabric are incredibly durable and tend to be water resistant. It comes in a huge assortment of colors and finishes. Lighter weight fleece can be used to make pajamas, baby blankets and even stuffed toys. Heavier weight fleece is incredibly warm and wind resistant making it  perfect outer wear.

But despite all of its great attributes, many home sewers shy away from using fleece in their projects. Most worry that they will encounter problems sewing thru the thick layers or that they will be unable to create a professional finish.

Whether you are someone who has never sewn with fleece before or if you’ve have used it and have had less than stellar results you’ll want to check out the top tips from our experts on How to Sew with Fleece.


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